Quasar Project to Bring Calming VR Helmets


Quasar is a word meaning “Quasi-Star” a star that exist in a galaxy of our universe, a virtual reality project is built to bring an outer-space experience to the users, this is why it was named Quasar.

FIELD, the digital design company has showed three different designed helmets at the occassion of the Violescence show in London, the headsets are built around the Oculus Rift screen and headphones, and they are running an outer-space VR experience using a Unity game engine, the principal goal of combining these helmets with the Unity game is to bring a calming experience to the user, making him enjoy stars and galaxies while listening to mind relaxing music. According to Vera-Maria Glahn, the FIELD managing director, in a statement for Dezeen: “Viewers dive into a graphical galaxy filled with sound and music, which they control with their arm gestures and viewing direction: a continuous process of creation, modification and destruction of a visual and sound composition.


The molds were designed using layers of fibreglass, resin, polypropylene and other synthetic materials, Glahn also said: “Just like the design of the helmets, go from tangible to more and more abstract: from steering through the atmospheric layers of an unknown planet, to another galaxy with stars orbiting around the player, to an entirely abstract space where geometric shapes are deformed, destroyed, and rejoined.