ReelCase, The first iPhone Case With An Integrated Retractable Lanyard


When it comes to iPhone cases, there is really a huge number of choice until you can get confused about what to buy, depending on colors, design, functionalities and more, but with this unique new case, you will get new great functionalities that you will surely love.


The ReelCase is the world’s first smartphone case with an integrated, retractable lanyard that will be providing the convenience and accessibility of having your iPhone right by your side, this mean that you will be able to wear your iphone while having sport, photography and more activities. According to the project, the ReelCase is secure enough to operate in extreme environments, the case is equipped with a pull mechanism that can be locked and retracted up to 28 inches.



If want to get yours, you can pledge the project on kickstarter and get it for a great price, the ReelCase will be compatible with iPhone 5/5S and 6.