ReimaGO is an activity tracking jacket for Kids

This is not the first tracking device for your kids, previously LG and Verizon has provided a smartwatch for kids, but it was aiming for security, and now, Suunto the company that manufactures and markets sports watches is teaming up with clothing brand Reima to come with the ReimaGO activity tracking jacket.

ReimaGO is a jacket provided with a detachable movement sensor that can track the kid’s activities, a companion Android and iOS app are there to set your kid’s exercices and challenges, those efforts will be then rewarded to make it much more fun. Elina Björklund the CEO of Reima said:”Parents are worried about kids not moving enough, as they are so attracted to consoles and mobile gaming. But we can turn the tables and use games to kids advantage

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The jacket is provided with a dedicated pocket where the tracking sensor could be integrated without bothering the child, Björklund also said: “Kids will  get the health benefits of energising exercise, the fun of playing a cool game, plus the pleasure of physical activity – it’s a triple reward

This new alliance is aiming for making exercices more fun and wanted by kids, so instead of sitting in front of the computer or the video games all day, this jacket may come with a good impact on their health, no price is yet communicated, but the jacket should be available soon in 2016, but what about the summer! are they going to put a jacket on!