Roto, The Spinning Chair To make Your VR experience Feel More Real


Virtual reality projects are hitting big this year, companies are rushing to make their own products, specially VR heasets, but the accessories are also beginning to spread around, last week we found out about the FealReal VR accessory that will make you smell and feel your game’s scents and conditions, this time, the Roto chair is going to make you walk, turn and control your game while sitting.

The Roto spinning chair is going to be lauched on kickstarter starting from March 12th, the device is equipped with a footplate that will be used to turn the chair in the wanted direction up to 360 degrees, that is much better that turning your head while wearing a VR headset, also, the footplate will feature a touchpad so you can step on it to walk into your game if you need to.


The basic price will be around $310 for the base and the footplate, and if you want to add some other options like designing your own chair and adding a table attachment for keeping your mouse, keyboard and joystick, you will have to pay more ! Stay tuned for more details on kickstarter.