Rufus Cuff, the Android Smartphone that goes on your wrist ?!

Wearables are tending to be smaller in size to fit your wrists, but this one is taking the opposite way, Rufus Cuff is a small smartphone that want to go on your wrist, the device was pledged in a successful indiegogo campaign, and now it is available for your pre-orders.

But lets see what’s this new thing about, the Refus Cuff has an old smartphone specs, but maybe it will be a powerful wearable, the devices comes with a 400 x 240 3.2-inch screen and it runs Android KitKat, it is equipped with a 640 x 480 camera and a TI Cortex A9 Processor. Wearing this on your wrist is like wearaing a 2009 model Android Smartphone, but without a SIM card slot. The positive thing here is that you get to enjoy all the apps you can find on the Google Play store, all on your wrist, you can also comfortably video chat with friends in a clear way.


In term of design, you can customize it with different color bands, the device is available for pre-orders for a price of $299, not bad for an Android smartphone!