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Runtastic Unveil its new Wearable, the Moment

Runtastic is probably a company you know, with its very popular and diverse mobile fitness Apps on Andoid and iOS devices, Runtastic was recently acquired by Adidas for a big amount of 240 million dollars. So the company did not want to stop with hard work, that’s why the Moment wearable is born.

Runtastic wants to improve its fitness solution for the public, which made them bring their own wearable device, the Moment fitness tracker, the device looks like a smartwatch, but don’t be fooled, the Moment is an analog device that will track your walked steps and distances, calories burned, sleep cycles and goals, but with no touch screen, the device display is an Analog one that will show you time, along with an indicator for your daily progress.

The device should be paired with its companion App that is available for Android, iOS and Windows phones to show you your stats, the Moment is also waterproof for up to 300 feet, so no worries about swimming with it. The device is equipped with a standard watch battery that can last for 6 month before being replaced.


But just you know, this is not the first Runtastic wearable device, the company has already launched the Orbit 24 Hour Activity, the Runtastic RUNBT1 Heart Rate Combo Monitor and many other devices that you can check in the offers below, but with the Moment, the company is releasing is first traditional watch resembling product.

Runtastic Orbit 24 Hour Activity

Orbit tracks Steps, Active Minutes, Calories Burned, Sleep Cycles, Goals and Ambient Lighting. Other features include an OLED Display, Time & Alarm and Bluetooth Smart Technology Orbit is WATERPROOF up to 300ft! Enjoy the 40%discount


Runtastic wants to compare its new solution with the Withings ACTIVE and ACTIVE POP, and the picture above will help you see the main differences, the Moment comes in 4 models, Basic, Elite, Fun and Classic, which will cost between $129 and $179. So if you’re a Runtastic fan, you can get your preferred model on the company’s website, otherwise, you can check the previous runtastic hardware below.

Runtastic RUNBT1 Heart Rate Combo Monitor

The Runtastic Heart Rate Combo Monitor uses the latest Bluetooth Smart wireless technology to transfer your heart rate data to your Runtastic apps, without an additional adaptor for your smartphone. In addition to tracking your speed, pace, altitude, distance, and duration, the data provided by this training equipment will make your workout statistics even more useful and reliable.

Runtastic GPS Sports Watch

The Runtastic GPS Watch and Heart Rate Monitor offers much more than simply measuring your heart rate. It also has an electronic compass and GPS navigation mode. The watch mode includes a dual time display to view two time zones and an alarm you can set to wake you up in time to get in an early morning workout.

Runtastic Speed and Cadence Bike Sensor

Improve your biking speed and endurance as you turn your smartphone into a cycling computer by pairing it with the Runtastic Bluetooth Speed and Cadence Sensor. Use with the popular Runtastic Road Bike and Mountain Bike apps to view your speed and the pedal revolutions per minute (cadence) along with the app stats including elevation gain, distance, route, calories burned and altitude.