This is the Samsung Answer to the Apple Watch

Today Samsung teased a video of its next smartwatch supposed to be launched on the IFA, the new smartwatch will be running Tizen, or maybe Android Wear, and as you can tell from the video above, the Gear S2 have a round shaped metallic case, a totally different design from the older Samsung Gear S.

The watch screen seems to feature snippets of informations on the bottom, including your calendar events and heart rate, the rounded icons shape can remind us of the Apple Watch, but forget it, Apple does not own a patent about round icons.

The Samsung Gear S2 has a really beautiful fashionable design, very simple, and surely great functioning device, we may again see a watch with its own GPS connectivity and SIM card so you can make calls without relying on your phone, but lets wait for the IFA on September the third for full reports, in this period, you can check the new Samsung smartwatch possible specs here.