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Samsung Australia unveils a BrainBand Wearable to help with Concussions

As you may know, rugby is a popular sport in Australia, this sport is is categorized as a contact sport, players always face big impacts specially in their heads, which is a major cause for brain concussions, that’s why Samsung Australia has made a step to help these footballers to more understand these impacts.

The device is called BrainBand, it should be worn on the player’s head during the play time, the BrainBand is equipped with sensors that can detect and calculate the impact force, these data can be then sent via Bluetooth to a smartphone or a Tablet, the team’s doctor can then analyze these data and have a more quick and in depth idea about the player’s state and potential concussion.

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The device is also equipped with LED lights on the back, depending on the impact severity, the lights will glow in yellow, orange or red. BrainBand is a result of collaboration between Braden Wilson and Dr. Alan Pearce, a neuroscientist that is involved in concussion education and research. Philip Newton, CMO Samsung Electronics Australia said: “At Samsung, we have a strong belief in pushing the boundaries of technology and challenging the current perception of what is possible through innovation This is why we are extremely proud to have helped facilitate the work of Dr. Alan Pearce and Braden Wilson to create the brainBand prototype to aid research into concussion in sport.

You can check the official video of Samsung to have a better idea about this life saving device.