Samsung Charm Fitness Tracker Review

In term of wearables, lately and surely you have been focusing on the Gear Fit 2 as the latest wearable from Samsung, but the company has also released an affordable fitness tracker, called the Samsung Charm, and in this post, i’m going to review it for you so you can make a purchase decision, so lets begin with the design.



from its look, it is obvious that Samsung want to make it more like an accessory gadget by focusing on the simple and discrete design, when opening the box, you will find the plastic band, the small clip that will go on your wrist, and this charging stand for recharging the device,  the Charm fitness tracker is very lightweight and should be comfortable to wear for long hours and days, and in order to keep it simple, the small clip is only provided with a single LED light for notifications.

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And as you can tell from the elegant design, Samsung want to aim this device for women, but you can also wear it as a man, for myself, i prefer other design types, this Charm belong to my sister, so, i have decided to review it for you in case you like it.


so before going into some details, here are briefly the Charm capabilities, it can track your daily activities including walked steps, burned calories, and the number of slept hours, and beside of that, the device can bring you smartphone notifications via the only LED light on top, notifications includes calls, messages and social media apps like Facebook, what’sup and more..

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So how this work, you need to download the Samsung Charm app in order to pair it to your smartphone and you need to run Android KitKat or higher, once downloaded, you should pair the Charm using Bluetooth, after that, you can configure what notifications you want to receive from the apps. There is a wide number of apps like Facebook, hangout, email apps and much more. well, having notifications on your wrist is great, but the way you receive them here is the thing i don’t like, you will only see a Blue blinking light on the device when you have a missed call, sms or other notifications, all of them comes in the same blue color with the same blinking rate, so you will not be able to differentiate which app is giving the notification, beside of that, you will need to constantly check your wrist because there is no vibration alerts on the Charm fitness tracker.

Samsung Charm

Samsung Charm


Beside of the charm app, you surely need the S Health app in which you can visualize all your fitness data, the charm will give you the steps you walked, and the software will estimate the burned calories, i have made an accuracy test to compare the steps number between my Galaxy note 5 and the Charm device, and here is what i found, for that day (in which i did not moved a lot), the mobile phone has calculated 4897 steps, while the Charm fitness tracker gave me 5208, so there is a difference of 311 steps, but i will consider this as an equal result since i walked several times inside the house without carrying my smartphone with me.

  • Elegant discrete design
  • comfortable to wear
  • accurate step tracking

  • no vibrations
  • bad sleep tracking

And now, we have one feature left to talk about, sleep tracking, and i can say it in one word, don’t use this to track your sleep, the data you receive are very basic, there is no graph about deep and light sleep, you only get the number of slept hours in the graph, when you wake up and sync your charm to the S Health app, you get an estimation of your sleep and waking time, if you’re OK with it, leave it alone, otherwise, you can manually adjust the time and also rate your sleep, the app does not do it for you. So if you want my opinion about the Charm sleep tracking, just two words “it sucks“, sorry for that, but it is the truth.

Samsung Charm Fitness Tracker

A stylish fitness tracker with basic functionalities


Samsung Charm Fitness Tracker Review

Lets Conclude!

So lets conclude, this device has a beautiful discrete design, specially for women, there are other color and band options you can check, you will get notifications, but in a basic simple way, you will get steps tracking which is accurate, but you get a bad sleep tracking quality, so does it worth the price ? well, yes if you’re a women looking for basic functionality and good design, and no if you’re simply a man, there are cheaper and better alternatives out there, but i will anyway leave a link in the description below so you can check the price.

6.9 Total Score
Stylish, but need more features!

Build Quality
Price for quality
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Hope you enjoyed this review, leave your comments below and i will be glad to answer your questions! you can also watch the video review below:


  • Tara Walsh

    I have been trying for months to figure out how to buy a Samsung Charm. Are you in the US? How did your sister buy it?
    With the web these days I don’t understand how it’s so hard to find if it’s been released in other markets…

  • ramiraouagi

    Hi, if you are based in the US, you can use the get on amazon button in the post, otherwise, can you please precise your location ?

  • Tara Walsh

    Oh yes sorry. I’m in Canada.
    I couldn’t even find it on Amazon US few months ago, so maybe it’s more available now? Still can’t find on Amazon Canada though.
    Maybe I’ll see if the US link show to Canada then.

  • ramiraouagi

    Hi, i did not find on Amazon Canada too, but it is available now in the Amazon US as i’ve told you

  • Tara Walsh

    Yes thank you much appreciated 😊

  • Kel

    Hi! How did you manage to get this to track sleep? I have the s health app (I run an s7 phone) I downloaded the charm app, it tracks my steps but I started the feel more rested bit and it didnttrack my sleep last night. Many thanks!!