Samsung Earcle is a new Hearable by the company

It seems like smart hearables are getting some attention, being able to control sounds is pretty interesting, we have before covered the amazing HERE earbuds that allows you to control your surrounding sounds, and now, and according to a filled patent, Samsung is working on its own device called the Earcle.

According to an FCC public doc, the device is a non-prescription hearing device that should be compatible with devices, the Samsung Earcle should be mainly dedicated to enhance sounds experience is different places like loud concerts or muted conference rooms, and of course by using Bluetooth, the device will be also used as music streaming device or for phone calls.

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The document states that the left and right pieces of the earbuds are wirelessly connected to each others, there is a control button and a microphone for calls “The Earcle is a personal sound amplification product (PSAP) to help you hear better. The Earcle amplifies the sound you hear and can also be used as a Bluetooth headphone. If you connect the Earcle to a mobile device via Bluetooth, you can answer calls and play music from the connected device. If you connect the Earcle to a mobile device via the Samsung Earcle app installed, you can configure the Earcle’s sound settings...”

No price or release dates are yet unveiled or leaked, so we have to wait for more details about this.