Samsung Gear S2 receive the NumberSync treat

Wearables and specially smartwatches are hitting big this year, but the fact that you have to always carry your smartphone with you is sort of annoying, specially when you’re making some sport activities, well, AT&T is bringing a new connected technology to the Gear S2, and soon for other smartwatches so you can make calls and send text messages without needing your smartphone.

NumberSync is the new software from AT&T that will redirect your phone calls and messages to your smartwatch, and that’s using your already existing phone number, onces linked to this program, your smartwatch can get rid of the phone, no bluetooth is needed, you can leave your smartphone at home and continue to send and receive voice calls and sms. That could be great news for all smartwatches users, there is no more need for another SIM card, the software will use the device’s built in eSIM for the 3G model.

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If you are an AT&T customer and a Gear S2 user, you can run a software update and get NumberSync and start enjoying the new service! but you have to add and extra $10 per month as a subscription fee to this new plan. You can find more info on att website.