Samsung Gear S2 works with all Android Phones, and it is the Most Beautiful Smartwatch!

We have already covered the Samsung Gear S2 official unveiling, but here are some extra info and interesting specs: beginning with the design, the Gear S2 looks amazingly amazing!, and i can confidently say that this is the best looking smartwatch on the market, very close to a traditional watch, and smart enough to bring you the important informations, the device have also a replaceable band, and there is a decent amount of choice, but Samsung said that third party band manufacturers will bring their own straps.


Beside of the design, the huge surprise is that the Gear S2 will work with all Android devices running the 4.4 version (or higher) of the OS, not only Samsung devices, which is opening a big opportunity for Android users to try and see the great improved performance of the Tizen OS.


The second great feature is the rotating bezel, we were expecting it since a long time, but it turned out that it is the smartest and most useful feature on the watch, using the bezel to navigate through the apps and pictures is a joy, making you get off your hand on the bright touch screen! so keep it clean guys!


The Samsung Gear S2 is very a promising  smartwatch in all ways, great design and features that will certainly give the Apple Watch a hard time, the device will almost have the price of an Apple watch, reports suggest that the Gear S2 will cost $442 for the regular version and $499 for the classic one, so leave your comments below to tell us what do you like about it, and how do you find that price!