Samsung Gear VR will be used on roller coasters!

You might be asking this question after reading the title, “where all the fun goes when i’m blinding my eyes with a VR headset while riding a roller coaster?!” well, you might be missing all the fun of experiencing a new feeling and new dimensions.

Six Flags theme parks is partnering with Samsung to bring a new experience to its roller coasters, riders will have the chance to wear the Gear VR while on the massive metal contraption, they will be experiencing a new theme and events other than the sun shine and the air, a virtual reality environment will spice up the ride by adding some war, fire and bombing effects. According to Six Flags, “You’ll be able to feel the heart-pumping adrenaline of steep drops, inverted loops and powerful twists and turns as gyros, accelerometers and proximity sensors synchronize all of the action while viewing a remarkably realistic 360-degree virtual world.”

Six Flags is promising that the headsets will be covered with “anti-microbial leather and cleaned between every use with anti-bacterial wipes.” This experience will go live at the beginning of this month, and members will have the chance to try it before everyone else. If you want to have a closer look, you can check the video for some imagery details.