CES 2016: Samsung Gives the Gear S2 a Gold treat

The Samsung Gear S2 was surely one of the best smartwatches in late 2015, if not the best! the device came with a stunning design and great functionalities specially with the rotating bezel, and at the occasion of the CES 2016, the company gave a special treat for the classic model of the watch.

The Gear S2 has gone premium, Samsung has unveiled two new smartwatch models which are the rose gold and platinum, and we are not talking about just some colors, both devices come with the real materials, the rose gold feature real 18K gold while the other model come with real platinum, this make the Gear S2 follow the Gold Apple Watch in term of real luxury. The two new designs will get four new custom watch faces to match their colors and materials.

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There is no yet communicated price or availability, but we will not expect a crazy $10000 price like on the Apple Watch Edition, because that was just crazy! so stay tuned for more updates about this subject.