Samsung Glasses will blow Google Glass away!

Samsung is taking Google’s steps to create its own smartglasses, the company is learning from the Google experience and faults to bring better and more reliable device, Google Glasses has unfortunately failed to attract most of the users, that’s why Samsung’s engineers are trying to give their best.

Recently, Samsung has filled a patent about smartglasses that surpasses the Google’s product in term of technologies and specs, according to the patent, the Samsung device will project three dimensional images in the mid-air using two pre-installed cameras, those images are the apps you will use on the device, well that seems like augmented reality, but here is the bigger innovation.

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Talking about the Google Glasses, the only input methods are your voice and the side track pad that you can use to swipe between apps and screens, but Samsung wants to give you more possibilities, according to the patent, the Samsung glasses will also use physical objects to interact with projected apps, which mean that you can project a virtual keyboard on your own hand and type on it with the other one! something very useful and more accurate when it comes to sending text messages, going further with this, you can even project a piano on any surface, and play it using a pen or your hands, the sound will be then streamed to your ears using the glasses speakers.


A current input method of smart glasses is limited. A user basically controls the smart glasses by using a voice command. However, it is difficult for the user to control the smart glasses by using only a voice command if a text input is required. Thus a wearable system that provides various input interaction methods is required,” Samsung’s engineers write in the patent application.

No price or release date were unveiled, but we will surely update you with the latest informations, so what do you think of this!