Samsung is planning for new multiple purpose wearables

It is Samsung, so don’t expect a tech break, the company is always there to bring the latest technologies you can get, and this time, Samsung is focusing on new types of wearables with these experimental projects.

Under the Samsung’s secretive Creative Labs development, this latter is planning to release three new prototypes of new wearables that could be showed at the CES 2016, the first one is a smartwatch strap that improves call and sound quality, the second is smart belt that serves as a health and fitness tracking device, and the third and last one is a hand motion controller for the Gear VR headset.


The Gear VR is somehow the first serious VR headset, introduced in 2016, powered by Oculus and created by Samsung, the device is a promising VR headset, that’s why Smasung wants to add new features to it, the company is about to introduce a new motion controller for its headset, it called rink, and it is promising an “advanced hand-motion controller for mobile VR devices”, rink will allow you to control and interact with virtual objects inside your virtual world.


An idea about a smart belt was before introduced in the last CES, it was called Belty and it was aimed for tracking your health, well, Samsung wants to present its own, it will be probably called “Welt“, and beside of holding your pants, this smart belt can track your health, measure your waist size, steps, calories, inactive time and more, it will then send these data to a companion app, so lets wait for CES for more about it, all we have now is this picture provided by Smasung.


You might be able to receive calls clearly from your smartwatch, TipTalk is a new watch strap from Samsung that once attached, you will be able to hear your calls just by pressing your finger to your ear! Samsung claims that this will enhance the clarity of calls taken on a smartwatch and add text-to-speech for smartphone messages when wearing an ordinary timepiece.

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These are the three interesting prototypes from the Samsung’s secretive Creative Labs, just stay tuned for the CES 2016 to see all these things alive.