Samsung is working on an AR smart contact lens

Samsung has already entered the Virtual Reality world with the Gear VR headset, and this time, the company is planning for augmented reality to take on the Hololens, but not with the same hardware solution, Samsung wants to pack some of those features into a smart contact lens!

According to a filed patent titled “Smart contact lens for augmented reality and methods of manufacturing and operating,” the device is a contact lens that packs a small display, a camera, an RF antenna and other sensors, the lens will be able to detect head movements then connect to a smartphone in order to execute users commands, the user will be able to control it via blinking his eyes, that’s why the device will be reportedly called
the Gear Blink.


According to the patent and to digital trends, the device can for example trigger the phone camera when the user blink his eyes, other features will be surely there like projecting augmented reality objects in front of your eyes. Google is also working a a sort of similar idea, so lets wait for more informations from the two tech giants.