Samsung Smartglasses Will Combine Google Glass and Hololens


According to a filled patent, Samsung want to combine both the Google Glass and the Microsoft Hololens in its own smartglasses, the device will be equipped with two cameras and two transparent screens one for each eye, like the one used in the Google Glass. two screens are great for a more pleasant and immersive experience, but Samsung want to throw visual informations inside your real world to create an augmented reality experience like the Hololens does.

According to the patent and to SlashGear, the Samsung next smartglasses are equipped with LEDs and sensors to track your head movements, which made us guessing a similar technology to the one used for the Oculus Rift. And to control the device, various inputs will be used like your gestures, voice and a touch panel like the one on Google Glass. The smartglasses are supposed to run Samsung own OS, Tizen.

The Samsung’s new device has no name yet, and it is not expected at a specific date, but will it be able to bring a 2 in 1 augmented reality, 2D and 3D photo and video capturing experience? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.