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Samsung unveils bendy batteries prototypes

Power, more power, everything needs to be powered, your phones, your PCs, your smartwatches, and even your clothes, that’s why Samsung is working on bendable batteries that could power any type of wearable device thanks to their very thin and flexible design.

These new batteries are in the form of flexible straps that have about 0.3 mm thin body, which makes them useful for any type of wearable device, these batteries have a big future knowing that they can bend and attach to a smartwatch band to add about 50% of charge, the small device can also be used with smart clothing and and smart jewelery. You might remember the Google project to create smart and interactive clothing, well, that could make use of the new Samsung project. The company said: “The batteries are an embodiment of the age of wearable batteries that is applicable to any curves of a human body.


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According to Samsung, the battery can stand for 50,000 bends during its lifetime, but it is still not known whether those devices are washable or not, but anyway, Samsung always surprise us with its tech, that’s why we should expect these batteries very soon.