Samsung’s Life Saving Truck Screens is the new company’s project

Did you know that traffic accidents in Argentina kill one person every hour! yup, and that’s mainly because of big trucks going slowly and hiding the vision from the cars behind, and also the small roads that makes most of the cars make that risky maneuver and try to overtake the road.

In order to help reducing those accidents, Leo Burnett, a group that specialize in advertising, digital, social media content and innovation is teaming up with Samsung to launch a big campaign for this purpose, the two companies will use the Samsung trucks to bring a very interesting street innovation. The idea is to install big screens at the back of the Samsung trucks, those screens will reflect a live videos transmitted by a wireless camera installed on the front of the truck to stream what’s happening on the street.

Bellotti, president and regional chief creative officer of Leo Burnett Argentina said: “Instead of focusing on solving the problem from an infrastructure point of view, we tried to focus on the [Samsung] trucks, We used technology that was already there in a very innovative way. This idea not only changes people’s lives, it saves them.

This idea embodies everything we value about communication—it’s hugely ambitious, brilliantly crafted, compels people to participate through content that captivates people’s imagination, and ultimately transforms human behavior. It’s visionary work

Tutssel, chief creative officer Mark

This project has received the Gravity Award in the Adweek’s Project Isaac Awards honoring creative invention, there are high hopes that this project will be spread around the world, the positive point is that it is based on an already existing technologies, but with a new imagination. What do you think of this project ? please let us know in the comment section below.