Samsung’s new Bio-Processor will revolutionize health tracking

There are plenty of wearable out there that can track your health, and by health we mean steps and distances, sleep and heart rate and some other basic data, but Samsung is planning for more accuracy and more in depth data to be tracked with its new Chip.

It is called the Samsung Bio-Processor, this chip can be soon integrated in fitness trackers, smartwatches, skin patches and more in order to deliver new data that you couldn’t explore before, according to the company, this processor can track and measure five main attributes, skeletal muscle mass, body fat, heart rate, skin temperature, and stress level. Samsung surely wants to be the first company to integrate it in its wearable devices, the company is also offering this product to other companies that might be interested in more accurate health tracking.

Apple was planning to produce and integrate such a chip in its Apple Watch, but those promises were not true, it seems like Samsung will be the first one to take this step. The video below shows you what the chip is capable of doing.