SexFit, The Pedometer For Your Penis


Wearable technologies are everywhere on your body, and i mean really everywhere in a way you cannot expect, this new project idea s bringing a wearable device to your penis, that’s sick ! The SexFit is a ring shaped device that goes into the base of your genitals to track your performance while having sex, beleive me, i’m also shocked.

The SexFit is supposed to trap blood for better erection, it will also contain an accelerometer and a Bluetooth module to communicate with a dedicated smartphone App in order to give you your statistics, and you will be able to share them on social medias (if you’re sick enough), the device will tell you about your thrust per minute and your burned calories..

The SexFit will be even equipped with LED lights that will glow when you hit a certain rythm ! (do you really have the time to check while doing it !), the SexFit also vibrates and enable you to set it at specific intervals for enhanced pleasure.. This project is not even a prototype yet, the company may go and make or pull it off, you can check it at Bondara.