Someday, Siri Will be Implanted in your Brain!


Right now, your personal digital assistants might be Google Now or Siri, you just have to speak your ideas and let them do the work for you, but DARPA has a freaky surprise for you! The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is working on a brain implanted device that will read your thought via your brain signals to suggest improvement and make decisions for you!

During a conference at the Brain-Machine Symbiosis, Justin Sanchez the DARPA program manager said: “Many of you are just getting things back like this is what your heart rate is right now or you took 6,000 steps today.. But who cares about that stuff? What you really want to do is use that information to help you interact with machines in a much deeper way.. today we don’t typically aggregate those signals together and do something with it.”

For example, the device will be able to read your body temperature to automatically adjust your house thermostat so you’ll be in the perfect atmosphere. “You could interact with your environment, your architecture. Let’s say you’re having a low point in your day in terms of productivity so what if you had an interface that could say ‘how about doing this? Maybe this could spark your productivity?” said Justin.

According to Jose Carmena, a researcher at the University of California, such a device can also help alcohol addicted people to quit their bad habits, by emitting signals to the brain helping them to avoid that feeling.

Well that’s amazing/scary at the same time, this kind of brain implanted devices already exist to treat Parkinson’s patients and help to control body tremors, but when thinking the opposite way and bring it to the public, like DARPA wants, this thing can be very helpful, but it can emit unhealthy signals to let you even go crazy!! what do you think of this ? Leave your comments below to discuss it.

  • Karen Naylor

    Am not sure what to think about this although it may help those with Altimers. That could be a big plus. ( and help those with spelling problems.)