Skagen Hagen Connected is a new Stylish Smartwatch

Owned by Fossil Group, Danish design company has unveiled a new Smartwatch in the form of an ordinary watch, to join a growing collection of analog watch smartwatches.

It is called the Skagen Hagen Connected, the device is a stylish watch that can give you smart enough data to get you through the day, the device can track your steps and daily goals and show them on the display, along with monitoring your sleep. The Skagen smartwatch can also bring you notifications in the form of vibrations when you receive a call or a message, you can customize the types of notifications to get from a companion Android and iOS app. Talking about smartphones, the device is equipped with the Link technology that will let you Ring your phone, take photos and more using the smartwatch.

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The good thing is that this smartwatch is powered by a cell coin battery, which mean that you don’t have to recharge it every time, the Skagen Hagen Connected is available in different bands options which are leather, steel-mesh and silicone, the device is priced at $195 and it will available in September.