Skully AR-1 the smart motorbike helmet is shipping

Do you remember Skully? the smart motorbike helmet was launched back in 2014 on an Indiegogo compaign, the device made us all excited, specially motobike riders, and as promised by the company, Skully AR-1 is now going to chip in Chrismas, and for those that wants to remembered, or know about it, here are some of its main features.

Skully is an Android powered wearable gadgets, the device is aiming to give a new safer and more enjoyable experience for motorbike riders, it features a heads up transparent display that can provide GPS mapping and detailed road layouts, the device can also show you 180 degree view of the street behind thanks to a wide-angle rear view camera, the Skully AR-1 also thought about entertaining you, that’s why it features hands-free calling, and music streaming from you smartphone via Bluetooth, all controlled by your voice.

A companion smartphone app is also there so you can configure and personnalise your experience.. worried about the rain? well don’t, Skully AR-1 is water and wind resistant thanks to its special coating, the device also can resiste 9 hours of continuous heavy use, which mean that you can enjoy multiple daily rides on a single charge, and for all of those features, you need to pay a little more than $1,399, which is the privilege price of early backers. Is it a little expensive? well, the Google Glass was more expensive as an Andoid powered headgear.