Sony AR SmartEyeglass Is Available For Pre-Order


Starting from Tuesday, the Sony AR SmartEyeglass SED-E1 Developer Edition will be available for pre-order for a price of $840, and that exlusively for Germany and UK, then, it will be available in 10 countries starting from March.

Sony AR SmartEyeglass features a 419×138 pixel monochrome green display and a 3 mm AR lenses to project info in front of your eyes, the Sony glass uses “holographic waveguide technology”, you can check this demo video for more informations. The device also includes a 3 MP integrated camera capable of shooting videos and photos.

Sony AR SmartEyeglass uses bluetooth to connect to your Android smartphone and bring you informations throught the lenses, there is also a little black box (shown in the picture) and that’s your tool to control it, the company said that you will be able to connect to some social media like Facebook and Twitter using dedicated Apps. The device can run 80 minutes on battery when the display is active using the camera and 150 minutes without the camera.

As you can look, these are not sexy glasses ! Hope Sony upgrade the look for the next V2 release.