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Spark fitness tracker from TomTom focus on Music


TomTom was one of the first companies to introduce fitness trackers last year, and today at the IFA, TomTom announced Spark, its new fitness tracker that can be used as a smartwatch, but not that smart.

Spark wants to find its way through the competition by focusing on the music feature, something that will help you a lot with your workouts, the device comes with an internal storage to let you store your music and listen to it while you’re in the gym, and with a partnership with the Ministry of Sound, Spark offers a playlist of songs that come pre installed on the watch. Beside of music, the smartwatch can track your steps and monitor your heart rate, and for sleep tracking, Spark can do it automatically without having to push a button, it just sense it. And don’t forget the GPS, it is also there!


So if you are more into swimming, the Spark got you covered, the device is up to 40 meters water resistant, but guess what, this watch does not act like a smart one when it comes to delivering phone notifications, but the company promises to bring this feature via software update later this year. So if you want to get it, the Spark fitness tracker is available for pre-orders for £189.99.