Summer Vacation comes with many Wearable Tech discounts on GearBest!

Summer is here, and it will be the perfect time for some shopping in order to prepare for the holidays, and for the geeky ones like myself, i like to be prepared in term of gadgets, and why not get some gifts for my beloved ones, so for this Occasion, GearBest, one of the biggest online retailers in the world has already prepared big promotions on a big number of tech gadgets, including wearable tech stuff, you can even get some for only $1! but hurry-up, this promo will end in June 17!

1- Fitness Trackers

Summer is for fun, but keeping an eye on your fitness is always a good idea, GearBest present a variety of fitness trackers for a very affordable prices, you can find the Xiaomi Mi Bands in their first and second generations and many other interesting choices, check the links below for some of the best deals.
[wpsm_afflist ids=”2980,2982,2984″ show=”3″ cat=”GearBest” ]

2- Smartwatches

There is an unlimited number of smartwatches that you can get, and believe it or not, you can even get a smartwatch for only $8! There are many types, you can find Android smartwatches and custom software watches, there are also a big variety of design depending on your taste, you can check some of the best promotion in the list below, or you can visit GearBest to find the promotions all in one place.
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3- Headphones and Earbuds

You cannot leave without music, some of you prefer earbuds in order to listen to musing while jogging or working out, but others prefer a deep sound and a strong bass, some also wants to go wireless to experience more freedom, and in every case, you can find your choice with a good discount, the list below shows some of the earbuds and headphones that you can get.
[wpsm_afflist ids=”2995,2997,2999″ show=”3″ cat=”GearBest” ]

4- VR Headsets

Virtual reality is now a mainstream thing, smartphone makers are working hard to bring great displays to be integrated with VR, but anyway, you can get a VR headset for only $10! you can check the list below.
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5- Other Non-Wearable Gadgets

If you are more into other gadgets, like smartphones, tablets, computers and much more, you can enjoy many deals on this GearBest link.