Swatch smartwatch is officially on the way

Few weeks ago, the Swatch CEO announced that the company is working on its own smartwatch, which let the company join the other swiss watchmakers such as Tag Heuer, now, Swatch is confirming the new smartwatch.

The Swatch smartwatch  will run a custom software, but the device will be both compatible with Android and iOS devices, the new Smartwatch will bet on NFC, the company wants to make it just a payment device,the company’s CEO said: “We don’t want to connect to a cloud“, so don’t expect a Bluetooth or a WiFi, if you want that, you should look for other Swatch models that should be under development, or more accurately in their final steps of production. The device is called the Swatch Bellamy and it will be first launched in China, why is that? The Swiss watchmaker wants to enter mobile payments in a big way, so China is the right place, the company is partnering with Bank of Communications, one of largest Chinese banks, the users will be able to make payments in UnionPay Co’s point of sale machines.

When Nick Hayek the Swatch CEO was asked why did it not launch in Switzerland, he stated that it will take months and months to do something similar with Swiss banks, the official launching date will be on January 2016, the Swatch will hit the Chinese market, then the US and Switzerland   markers after few weeks.