Swatch to introduce their own Smartwatches


Regular watch manufacturers are slowly trying to make their way into the smartwatches business and enter the high tech wearable market, first it was Tag Heuer, than very recently Fossil, Casio also is planning for a smartwatch, and lets don’t forget the Helvetica beautiful limited edition. Now, it is Swatch the swiss watchmaker who wants to introduce several smartwatches, yup, not only one.

The watchmaker stated that it will not make a device to compete with Android Wear or the Apple Watch, the Swatch smartwatches will be very simple and they will run a custom Swatch software, the company don’t want to rely on any other tech giant for its products, some of the future smartwatches will be equipped with NFC for a payment purpose, and will be surely water resistant, like Swatch always does it. Nick Hayek the CEO of Swatch said that he don’t want a multi-purpose “computer for the wrist” like other smartwatches, the company want to keep it simple and advanced. Will you get one when it will be released ?! until than, lets wait for more news