Syllable D9X Truly Wireless Earbuds review – Airpods Competitor ?

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If you’ve been following my website, you might know that I have already reviewed several Bluetooth earbuds, but the Syllable D9X is the first truly Wireless earbuds I review, they are priced well under the Airpods, the Samsung IconX, Bose truly wireless and many other devices, so at this price point, do they really worth getting ?

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Syllable D9X Design

Syllable D9X

The Syllable D9X comes with the earbuds and 4 detachable batteries that you can recharge and store using the included charging case, the trick is that these batteries attach and detach very easily via magnet, also they stick to the charging case via magnet too.

The case contains 4 storage spots, two for charging the batteries and two for just storing them. You can differentiate them by the two blue Led lights on the charging spots. The case can be also recharged via the mini usb cable, and it can hold a single extra charge for each battery pair.

So once batteries attached to the earbuds, these latters will automatically turn ON and connect to your smartphone, I would prefer to choose turning them ON myself after attaching them, but that’s not a big deal.


The left and right buds contains a control button on each side, One tap on the right or the left to pause and play your songs, double tap on right to play the next song, and three taps to play the previous one. Double tap on the left to redial the last number or a single tap to pick up the phone. Infortunaly, you cannot change the volume directly from the earbuds.

Actually when turning these OFF by long holding the left button, the only way to turn them ON again was to detach and reattach the batteries, which I think is annoying, I don’t see why would you want to do that in order to power ON the device again.

The device attach well to the ears, I have been working out with them, running and walking And they did not fell a single time, you can change the eartips to adapt them to your ears size. Well I don’t know if I like the whole look of them, but if you like the Apple Airpods design, you will surely like these too.

So what about sound, well let me keep it short, the 70$ you’re paying for these is not for sound, it is for design and full wireless freedom, because during my tests, these does not sound amazing, I’m not saying they are bad, but I’ve expected better sound for this price, I know the competition like apple Airpods, Samsung IconX, Jabra are pretty expensive, coming at three times this price, but a little bit sound improvement will not hurt.

Syllable D9X Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds


The sound seems over compressed sacrificing high frequencies to make the bass standout, and honestly you can get the same quality sound from a $40 normal Bluetooth earbuds.

Beside sound, something you need to note about the Syllable D9X is that phone calls only works on the left earpiece, so if it happens you talk alot on the phone, you will only listen to your caller on the left side, which will result in draining only one side of the battery, and at a certain moment, you will be enjoying some music, when only one side dies, I think it would have been better to keep the symmetry of both battery lifes, but as I said at first, you get enough batteries to switch the dead ones.

Talking about batteries, you can get about 3 hours of listening time, it is not a long time, but keep in mind that the two sides have to sync with each others all the time since they are not attached. This is a common thing with truly wireless earbuds, but on the other hand, the two extra batteries makes out for it, so you’re practically getting 6 hours of continuous playing, and this is without counting the two extra recharges you will get from the case.

Syllable D9X Bottom Line

So bottom line, these are well designed earbuds, the comfort of use, the magnetic system, the charging case with extra batteries, that’s all great specially with this very competitive price compared to other devices, but sound quality and little other details like phone calls on one side needs a little work. But for this price, you will not go wrong with these if you really want to get fully and truly wireless ones.

So I as I said, I’m giving away one of these, to enter the competition, make sure to follow the steps mentioned at the begining of this post.

If you have a question, make sure to tell me on the comment section below.

7.9 Total Score
Great For the Price!

Build Quality
Battery Life
Sound Quality
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