Tag Heuer Connected is officially unveiled

After a long waiting, Tag Heuer is the first Swiss watchmaker that officially present a luxury smartwatch, the device is a result of hard working combining the Swiss company, Intel that produced the dual-core Atom Z34XX processor, and Google that came with the Android Wear platform, so here is all you need to know.

The new smartwatch is the most expensive Android Wear device on the market, it comes engraved with a big and well known name to compete with the Apple Watch edition, but with a lower price, the device features a 360 x 360 LCD round display that comes with one size, basically for men, the company claim that it will produce other smaller sizes for women and smaller wrists. The device have a grade 2 titanium built case, lugs and back, there are also seven rubber strap options that depend on your favorite color: black, red, white, blue , orange, green and yellow.

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Since the device is running Android Wear, all the platform apps will be supported, along with four pre-installed apps which are Insiders, GolfShot, RaceChrono Pro and Viewrangers, and beside the two available and pre-installed watch faces, Tag Heuer promises more options to be available on the play store soon. The device can of course track your daily activities but without a GPS, which mean that you need to carry your phone with you for more location accuracy, Tag Heuer Connected is provided with the usual Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivities.

the Tag Heuer Connected will cost you $1500, in return of that big money, you will enjoy two years warranty and a cool possibility of replacing it with a mechanical Tag Heuer watch at the end of the warranty period, but with paying an extra $1500, the company said that the mechanical device already costs $3000.