CES 2016: Taking Temperature in 2016 got a lot easier!

We had to go into different ways to measure our temperature before, but with this new gadget, getting your body temperature, and specially your baby’s degree will be a whole lot easier, so instead of waking and disturbing him during the night, just place this gadget on his forehead and get the temperature with a lighting speed!

The WiFi-connected thermometer is called the Thermo, and it is developed by the well known French company Withings, the one that has introduced the Withings Pulse smartwatch/fitness tracker, measurement is done after easily finding the temporal artery on the forehead, it is considered the most accurate measuring method and it’s also more hygienic. Temperature will be directly displayed on the device’s LED display, green, orange and red lights will inform whether you are too hot! So what the WiFi is for, well, the data are everytime collected and sent via WiFi to a companion app, the app will show diagrams about temperature variation over time.

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The Thermo thermometer by Withings is priced at $99.95 and it will be available later this quarter.