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Taotronics TT-SK06 Bluetooth Speaker Review – Best Budget One ?!

I think we can all agree that wireless sound is becoming more and more popular and convenient, that’s why I have decided to get a bluetooth speaker, and after deep search, I got the Taotronics TT-SK06. I was not willing to spend more than $50, and i was not also willing to sacrifice good sound quality, so i got this one, it was well reviewed, and it comes with an 39 dollars price, so this is my review on the Taotronics TT-SK06 bluetooth speaker.

Unboxing The Taotronics TT-SK06

You get a good unboxing experience for the price, first you find some paperwork and the speaker, than a charging USB cable, and an Auxiliary cable if you want to use wires to save some battery.

for the design, this looks very classy, the aluminium build and chamfered edges makes it look very premium, on the top you find the controls, two volume buttons, one  for powering it ON and OFF, and another multifunctional one for play and pause, and picking up the phone if you have an incoming call. there is this cool ring of light that will indicate the device status, blue is playing music, blinking blue is ready to pair, orange is battery charging, and flashing red is there when battery is low.

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Taotronics TT-SK06 Features

Unfortunately, you cannot skip and play the next song with these buttons, even if you long press the volume ones, you need to use your music source for that, such as your smartphone, which is a little bit annoying if your phone is fare away. as i said build quality is great, you get also this built in plastic soft stand which helps a lot to avoid vibrations on any surface, so that’s a good move. this thing weight 1.85 pound, which is a little heavy for every day portability, but i can explain that with the metal compact design. Other than that, it is good to know that this is not Waterproof.

Before giving you a sound test, lets see the specs, the Taotronics TT-SK06 is provided with 20 Watt drivers, which is good for the price and for some extra bass, to give you a reference, usually, speakers with this same price range comes only with about 10 Watt drivers. this device is also provided with 5200 mAH battery that according to the company, can last for 6 hours on continuous use, i’ve tested that, and i was able to get 5 hours on a moderate to a little high volume. so by comparison with other speakers from the same range, you get a bad battery life here, but this could be explained with the powerful dual drivers, so, you decide what to sacrifice.

Taotronics TT-SK06 Bluetooth Speaker

More bass and volume for the music you love!

$33.99 $59.99

Taotronics TT-SK06 Bluetooth Speaker Review – Best Budget One ?!

The device also comes with a built in micrphone for some hands free phone calls, which I enjoy.

I can describe the Taotronics TT-SK06 sound as pretty good, not amazing, the pros is that you get a very good bass amount if you’re into that, and you also get a powerful high volume for partying, but i think the only downside is the little compressed sound and the distortion at maximum level, but i think no one will use this at a max volume, other than that, you can clearly hear mids and highs.

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Bottom Line!

So as a conclusion, leaving aside short battery life, i think i’m a winner with this choice and at this price, i’m enjoying a good bass and a powerful sound that i think i cannot get from another budget speaker, but if you can recommend me better speakers for the same price i will gladly discuss them on the comment section below!

  • Powerful Bass
  • Premuim design
  • Good clear sound
  • Room filling sound

  • Short battery life
  • Little compressed sound

8 Total Score
Excellent for the price!

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Sound Quality
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