The Best Fitness Trackers in 2015: Best seller list


Thinking about getting your wearable device for this year? you might enjoy a fitness tracker to get you in a good shape, well, this is the best fitness trackers in 2015 list, and it is based on reviews and top selling list from Amazon, and it is going to help you purchase your own.


Fitbit Flex: The Best seller in Fitness Trackers




The simple fitness wristband tracker with the simple LED screen, Fitbit Flex is a wristband activity tracker that tracks your steps, walked distance, calories burned and your active minutes, the device also track your sleep quality and slept hours,unfortunately the Fitbit Flex does not contain a heart rate monitor, but is still have unique performance.

The Fitbit flex makes it easy to track your goals and charge from a simple screen containing five LEDs, when you’re doing your workout, the device gently vibrate to remind you with that, it also uses the same vibrations to silently wake you up in the morning.

The Fitbit flex comes with both an Android and an iOS Apps to show your daily tracked activities and goals, the device sync to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth or USB to show all the details, the great thing is that the App comes with plenty of customizations.

Battery life is also great, the company has announced 5 days of battery life, but it can really reach a whole two weeks ! The FitBit Flex comes in 11 different colors and 2 small and large sizes.


Fitbit Charge HRThe Best Seller in Fitness and Activity Monitors


Congratulation to this FitBit company with making two of the best selling fitness trackers in the world, in addition of the first mentioned competitor, the device comes with heart rate monitoring feature, so if you’re not a runner or even a gym workout fan, the Fitbit Charge HR will give you informations about your workout thanks to the optical heart rate monitor.

The device track your usual daily statistics like steps taken and calories burned, it also can be used as a stopwatch by holding the button on the left to start tracking your training sessions.

A great other feature is the automatic sleep tracking mode, which means that you don’t need to activate this feature when going to sleep, the device uses your heart rate and movements data to automatically enter in sleep mode.

One additional good feature is the caller ID, the FitBit Charge HR sync to your Android and iOS smartphone to show you the caller name on its display, so you can bring up your phone and get the call if you see it is important.

For more detailed informations about the FitBit Charge HR, you can check the Full Review Here. Otherwise, you can get it from the box below.


Fitbit Surge: The Best Seller in Running GPS Units


The third one is also from FitBit, if you’re a runner, you’ll appreciate the GPS tracking feature, the Fitbit Surge is much bigger than the previous Charge HR, and that’s because of its big screen, the new display can also handle text notifications from your Android and iOS devices, the wristband comes with a touchscreen OLED display so you can scroll and read your messages.

You may don’t like the big design, but you will get advantage of the additional features, the text notifications and the GPS tracker that will give much more detailed informations about distance walked and more..


Jawbone Up 24


It is not a best seller, but you can’t go without mentioning it, for a simpler and cleaner design, you can get the Jawbone UP 24. The device is not provided with a touch screen, but is will sync to your smartphone to show you informations about step walked, calories burned and more, you can see the full review here, this cool wristband is very highly recommended for those who don’t need a heart rate monitor. The Jawbone Up 24 is available with a great discount.


Moov fitness tracker


In term of design, accuracy and performance, the Moov fitness tracker is the best you can get! and it is not like other devices, the device mainly focuses on motivation and coaching beside tracking activities, its modular design allows it to be worn both on your wrist or ankle. Moov comes with different apps for Android and iOS, for running and walking, swimming, cycling and cardio boxing, so if you want to track your walking or running, you better wear it on your ankle for more accuracy, and if you’re more into swimming or boxing, your wrist will be much more useful.

This tracker is based on coaching, which means that the app will give you instructions and goals for improvements based on your performance, but here is the downside, for these coaching features, you have to run with your phone in order to listen to your coach, and you’ll maybe need your headphones, the device also use your phone’s GPS for more accuracy, if you don’t mind it!

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