The Blocks modular smartwatch is on Kickstarter


The modular smartphone has not came to life yet, Google is still working and improving Project Ara before bringing it to the public, but another start-up will bring this innovation to the smartwatch’s world, by launching the Blocks modular smartwatch, so here is all you need to know about it.

Blocks is developed by a London based team of technologists, they wants to bring the perfect smartwatch, and give you the opportunity to choose your own custom features, the device components are the core, which is the watch main part containing the watch face, and the second part which is the strap, and that’s where the magic happens. The strap is a combination of different detachable modules that can be interchanged, each one will represent a feature that you may want to add, so if you want a GPS, you can just snap the GPS module into the strap, and if you want to add a heart rate monitor, you can do it the same way.


The big challenge of such device is the battery life, that’s why there is an extra module that represents an extra 20% of battery, and you can imagine it yourself, choices are unlimited, you can add an NFC payment module or even an “adventure” module, which adds altitude, temperature and air pressure sensors to the device. Beside of these unique features, the watch also does the same things as a regular one, tracking your activities and brining you smartphone notifications from both Android and iOS devices.

We’re working on gesture modules to control the smartwatch with finger taps and wrist motions.

As mentioned, extra modules are under development, Blocks’ co-founder said: “We’ve been working on gesture modules to be able to control the smartwatch with small finger taps, finger movements and wrist motions, This isn’t available in the initial set of modules. What I haven’t seen is less friction in interacting with smartwatches – touching screens with our fingers isn’t the correct thing to do“.
The campaign was launched just 2 days ago, but the funding is so damn unbelievable! The Blocks has already reached more than 200% of the initial goal, which is a huge $250000. So if you want to contribute and get your own, go ahead the campaign is still there on Kickstarter! pledge it $195 and you will receive the core of the watch and a strap, and for $275, you will receive four extra modules that you will enjoy switching, and the options goes on.