The British Ministry of Defence unveils a smart uniform for its Army

Wearable tech can be used by regular consumers and for entertainment, as it could be also used for improving a country’s security or even making wars! that could be good or bad, it depends on how you use it. the British Ministry of Defence has recently unveiled a smart uniform for soldiers to improve and protect its Army against possible threats.

The suit is called “Future Soldier Vision uniform“, it includes smartglasses for better vision and localization, along with bone conducting headphones, the helmet is equipped with a mounted camera to give a bigger and wider field of vision. And for tracking the soldier’s biometrics data such as heart rate, stress and other, the uniform comes with a smartwatch for that purpose, the device will display these data after being issued from different sensors implanted in the uniform.

According to the MoD, the smart suit will help the troops communicating with each others, it will feature a personal computer embedded in a helmet that has a subsystem for hearing protection and customizable segmented body armor with sensors and a power supply. Michael Fallon, the Defence secretary said: “The Future Soldier Vision demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our soldiers have the kit they need to keep our country safe

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  • cale

    This will make the technology become public much faster, and become better. However I do not like the fact that the military would use this.