The FlyShark Smartwatch Will Replace All Your Wearables !


Already collected a 600% of the original goal on kickstarter, the FlyShark is the next smartwatch that seems to be replacing all the products already existing on the market ! without making this long to you, the Flyshark Smartwatch is a fully functioning watch and phone, which mean that you can use it as a standing alone phone to make and receive calls and text messages, and that’s thank’s to its ability to receive a micro SIM card, otherwise, the Flyshark can be also paired with your already existing Android and iOS smartphone via Bluetooth.

Beside its functionalities as a phone, the Flyshark integrates a fully functioning GPS that will help you get and find your destination, and that’s not all, the new super smartwatch works also as an activity tracker, the device is equipped with a pedometer to count your step like the Jawbone does and tell you about your burned calories, and it is also provided with a heart rate monitor to keep you updated with your heart state. Wait ! the Flyshark still do other things ! the device comes with a sleep monitoring feature that will tell how much and how good your slept.


Lets not forget some entertainment, Flyshark is equipped with a 2 MP camera to let you take pictures on the go using its touchscreen display. The device will be compatible with two App versions, an iOS and an Android one, it will have a metal frame and a leather wristband coming in three different colors, silver, dark grey and gold frames.

Compared to its competitors, the FlyShark seems to be the best in term of functionalities and usability, because no Android or iOS or Tizen smartwatches can give these all in one options ! if you want to get it on April, take a look at Kickstarter to see the pledging options.