The Gear 360 is the Best Way to Produce Your Own VR Content

If you have watched the Samsung’s Unpacked event yesterday, and beside of the most important annoucment of the Galaxy S7, you surely will understand that the company wants to make 2016 the year of VR, a year of a new beginning, that’s why they have unveiled its own 360 degree camera.

It is called the Gear 360, and it is slightly better that the recently LF 360 degree CAM! because it can act both a rolling bot and a cam, the device will be there to let you easily shoot 360 video that can be watched on a virtual reality headset, specially the Gear VR, something that wil put viewers
in the middle of the action.

The Gear 360 comes with its companion Android app, the app will give you the ability to remotely control the CAM using your smartphone, you can also zoom in and out to look for your favorite view while recording, and of course, you also have the option to manually record your videos using only the Gear 360, you just need to press the button on the top in order to start.


The device combines a duo of 180 degree fisheye lenses, each lens is provided with a 15 Megapixels sensor, the CAM can shoot two wide videos at the same time, then you can combine them using the app to get a 360 shooting. After the shooting, the app will help you share your video on Facebook or on Youtube with a simple tap.

The Gear 360 can provide two hours of recording before the need to recharge via a micro USB cable, and as a conclusion, this is a revolution in the VR world, everyone could be able to shoot his own 360 video and let viewers enjoy a VR experience.