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The Go Watch by Alcatel will monitor your Mood

After the Alcatel OneTouch smartwatch, the company is releasing a new Watch with a new feature, i don’t know if you will find it useful, the Go Watch does the same things as the OneTouch, delivering important notifications from your Android and iOS devices, and also tracking your activities, but the new thing is tracking your mood.

The Alcatel Go Watch has a sporty design that is good for punching it against the wall! a thick plastic casing that makes it water, dust and shock proof, the device is provided with a 240 x 204 px resolution and a 1.22 inch display, the Go Watch runs the company’s own software that pairs with both Android and iOS devices, but what about this new feature! The Go Watch is provided with the Emotional Pulse feature, the software reads data from the heart rate monitor, the accelerometer and the gyroscope to give you a mood reading service, once the Go button is pressed, your different moods such as ‘Go Crazy’, ‘Go Love’ or ‘Go Jump’ are displayed, what the hell would you do with them! you only get to share them on your social media, and know about your mood, i think you already know!

The Go Watch can be recharged using a Micro USB to last between 3 and 5 days, the device will be available for €129 starting from November, so what do you think about it ?! leave your comments below to discuss it with us!

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The award-winning ALCATEL ONETOUCH Watch is a slim, stylish, affordably priced smartwatch for everyone. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones