The LG Watch Urbane 2 is back for sale!

Few months ago, LG has released a second edition of it Urbane smartwatch, everyone was excited about it since it was the first Android Wear smartwatch that comes with cellular mobile data features, but after few days from hitting the markets, the device was pulled out from it by the company, and if you have forgot about this, you can check the details here.

But anyway, this is a good news for the Watch fans out there, the Urbane 2 smartwatch is available to pre-order from AT&T, and just to refresh you memories, the device is the first Android Wear smartwatch that feature 3G/4G connectivity, which means that it can make calls and operate on the data network without needing a smartphone, the device can also work with the AT&T NumberSync technology so calls and texts can be redirected to your connected smartwatch, without the need to carry on you smartphone.

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The device will cost $359.99 on a contract free plan, or $199.99 with a 2 year smartphone deal or $99.99 with the new LG G5 “modular” smartphone.