The Next Android Wear will support Watch to Watch Communication


Google has recently updated its Android Wear to 5.1.1 version to bring new gestures control and a new menu arrangement.. but soon enough, the wearable OS will be updated  again to bring some new features, and according to reports from phandroid, the new OS will support single tap gesture for interactive watch faces, in the actual version you need to tap and hold to open the watch face picker interface, but with the next update, the single tap gesture will allow you to easily select watch faces and also get more features like launching activities and more.. the picture below shows the possible options.


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The second big and interesting update is watch to watch communication, as you may know, the Apple Watch users can send each others doodles and heartbeats, now, Android smartwatches users will be able to send messages, doodles and emojis using a new feature called Together. Right now, this feature is exclusive to a specific watch face, but we may see it expanding as a system application.

Last thing is the WiFi upgrade, the latest Android Wear 5.1.1 update did not brought WiFi capabilities to the LG G Watch R smartwatch, but if you own one, you can now be happy because the next update will support WiFi!