The Next Apple Watch will feature a Round Design

80% of the sold normal analog watches are round shaped, a simple statistics that means a lot for smartwatches, the competition is at its highest, and most of the consumers want a round smartwatch, so what Apple is going to do about it, Samsung has already released the very attractive Gear S2, Motorola is continuing with the round 360 2nd gen, so what’s up Apple, what are you going to do with that square design! specially with the new iOS compatibility with Android Wear devices.

Daniel Will Harris, a watch designer has something to say about it, the very talented man think that the first gen of the Apple Watch was just about branding, and device looked like a a science project on your wrist, with a childish look! “It needs to lose the garish, childish hues we’ve had to endure since iOS 7 and use a selection of colour themes ranging from tasteful to playful.

It needs to be circular because this is the perfect representation for time

Well i kind of agree with him, despite the big sales, the Apple Watch have not that beautiful design that we can find on the Huawei Watch, Will-Harris also continued: “The first Watch was all about branding, Apple wanted it to look different so people would know you were wearing one, but it was kind of homely and looked like a science project from the 90s


This rough competition along with the great new smartwatches releases will surely make Apple fall for the famous round design, a natural design that we all love, Daniel (in the picture above) also said: “It needs to be circular because this is the perfect representation for time, because it repeats anew every day. From the first sundials to the phases of the moon, time has always been circular.

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With the new Watch OS2 released, a round design of the next Apple Watch will make much more difference, so what do you think Apple should improve in its watch? tell us in the comment section below.