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The Nike Cooling Hood is under development

Nike is reportedly in the process of developing a new head accessory, the hat like hood cover is going to help athletes cooling down, so instead of pouring water all over the face to reduce the body heat, this hood will let them automatically lose temperature.

Nike is working side by side with the Olympic medalist Ashton Eaton to develop the hood, the accessory goes on the athlete head and wrap around his face, temples and neck, the hood will act like a sponge surrounding the head in chilled water. As you may know, increasing body temperature can impact the muscules performace, making them operating in bad conditions which also increase muscles fatigue, that’s why athletes are always using water for cooling down and getting back to activity. But the timing of getting cooler is also very important, doing it too slow makes the body feel always hot, and doing it too fast, will lead to a shocking headache, that’s why Nike is working on the optimal timing and method of the cooling rate.


Stanford biologist Craig Heller said: “What you’re doing by taking heat out of the body is you’re maintaining your muscle in a state where it can perform optimally“. The mask/hat/hood by Nike has no name yet, and we will still have to wait longer for the final version.