The Periodic Table Of Wearable Technology




This is totally a 2015 thing, wearable technology are hitting big this year in all possible forms, that’s why Apx Labs have something similar to the chemical periodic table, but replacing chemical substances with wearable technology.

The Company that was building smartglasses software since 2010 now want to prove the importance of wearable tech inside the enterprise, by releasing this cool 118 essential elements of enterprise wearable tech periodic table.

The Wearable Technology Table is devided into colored major groups, each group represent an important serie, for example, the base line represents the Industry serie that can deploy wearable tech, like Automotive, Aerospace, Telecom and more.. above that line, you can find the pink group Hardware Serie mentionning the available hardwares, and instead of chemical properties and atomic numbers underlying technologies and value-prop is used.

In red, you can find the Communication Series, a group that shows the high level concept requirements enabling realtime collaboration, and like any buisness, you surely  need to use media, which is represented by the Document and Share Series group in orange color.

Moving to that green group, the Data feed Series, you can see that this group include the ability to provide progress bars and realtime graphing , visualize markers and Countdown timers and Calculate distance..

You can go through the groups and check them one by one, and accoding to APX Our updated periodic table groups and defines the main capabilities that businesses are using today to build and harness a connected workforce“. A near futuristic view suggesting that wearables are the essential last mile to creating a fully connected enterprise.