CES 2016: The Pic stick is the new flexible selfie camera

Forget about your old selfie stick, you might be tried of holding it for a long time, or you might be not finding a comfortable position to shoot some videos and photos while having different activities, well, the Pic selfie stick is here to help you with that.

The new selfie stick can take any shape so you can place it anywhere you want, the device can wrap around your wrist so you can more easily take pictures of videos, the new camera can be used like a cool GoPro, you can attach it to your bicycle and enjoy a ride footage. The Pic selfie camera can store up to an hour of footage, it can capture 1080 HD video that can be then transferred to your laptop using an USB cable.


Sounds cool right? but are you really ready to get rid of your old $10 selfie stick and get this $149 camera? we think it is a little expensive.