The Police Used The FitBit Fitness Tracker Datas To Investigate A Crime


Well, it turned out that fitness trackers can also help the police to investigate for crimes! In Lancaster County, a woman has reported that she was attacked in her bedroom when she was sleeping, according the her claims, the woman was sexually assaulted by a man who had entered the woman’s home at midnight.

But it turned out she was lying, and that’s thanks to the Fibit! in the investigations, the police found that the victim was awake and walking that time when she said she was sleeping when the attack occurred, and that’s according the the FitBit fitness tracker data. Also, according to her claims, the man who assaulted her was wearing a boot, but the police did not found any footprints in the snow outside the house.

Because of her lies and thanks to the FitBit, the woman was charged with three misdemeanor counts for prompting the emergency response and manhunt. Great way to investigate crimes, those devices are taking us to jail! 😀