The Samsung Gear S2 gets a big update

while we’re waiting for the Gear S3 to come to life, the Gears S2 gets newer with a major Tizen software update, so here are the main features you will get from this update:

Now you will be able to upload your own photo to set it as a watch face background, it is called the My Photo feature, beside of that, you can directly post your fitness data and achievements on social media like Facebook, and talking about fitness, the Samsung Gear S2 can now automatically detect and track your sleeping time, we know that this is not an innovative feature for fitness trackers or smartwatches, but it is great to see it on the very beautiful Gear S2.

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Another upgrade is also here, now you can install the Tizen apps directly from the smartwatch instead of doing it by pairing to your smartphone, other tweaks were also made for the weather app and additional S Voice controls. So if you own a Gear S2, you will be soon looking at a software update notification on your smartphone, and for the Gear S3, we will surely give you updates about the highly awaited device!

Samsung Pay is also here!

This is not related to the software update, but the company has confirmed that Samsung Pay Beta is coming to the Gear S2, soon you will be able to make payments using your wrist thanks to the already existing NFC chip, the big advantage with this smartwatch is that it can communicate with the already existing payment terminals, and that’s contrary to the Apple Watch and Android Wear devices that still need an upgraded payment terminal in the stores.