The Samsung Gear S3 is unveiled, and here is all you need to know about it

finally, and at the occasion of the IFA 2016, Samsung has officially unveiled the new Gear S3 Smartwatch, the long awaited smartwatch after the Gear S2, and from a first look, it looks amazing.


The design shows that Samsung kept the same round shape, and the same cool rotating bezel, but with minor tweaks, like a slightly bigger display and a more real watch like design. The device comes in two models, the Classic and the Frontier, the first one is for those looking for a simple classic look, while the second one is more for outdoor and sports fan, with a more rugged design, which i personally prefer.


Samsung has packed the extra two millimeters with some new features, most importantly Samsung Pay, now you can pay at most of terminals with your wrist, also, the Frontier edition can come with LTE option so you can make calls without carrying your smartphone.

The two versions are IP68 certified for dust and water resistance, and that rotating bezel can now do more than just navigating the Tizen OS, you can use it to answer or reject calls and more, Samsung now wants to call it bezel smart, and the more interesting is that now, Samsung is opening up the feature to third party app developers.

new sensors are also added like altimeter, barometer and speedometer to track things like altitude and atmospheric pressure, and the most important, is the Integrated GPS, the great one for outdoor sports fans. Now you can also use a regular watch band to replace the one on the Gear S3, which is great for more tastes.


No info were released about the price or availability, but stay tuned for further updates.