The Simplest and Most Practical Bionic Arm Is Unveiled

A very promising bionic arm is unveiled by Steeper Group, a UK based company specialized in providing prosthetic, orthotic and assistive technology products with an affordable price. Beboinic is the hand’s name, a very simple hand and arm to be easily weared by the patient, that’s why Nicky Ashwell, a congenital amputee from London is the first UK user to receive and use bebionic.

The arm is specifically built in medium or small sizes to perfectly fit women and teenagers,it works using sensors triggered by the user’s muscle movements, the sensors are connected to individual motors in each finger that are liked to microprocessors. The technology comprises a unique system which tracks and senses each finger through its every move to mimick the functions of a real hand.

In the video above, you can see how Nicky Ashwell is using her arm in a simple an easy way, so enjoy the video!